Poke a lot longer without refilling ink!



New improved handpoketools made from brass! <3


Main advantages of the handpoketools:

– Depending on the size of the needle you will be able to tattoo for about 3-7 Minutes without refilling ink.

– Only the amount of ink necessary comes out of the tip, which means a lot less ink on the skin that smudges your stencil.


A detailed instuction on how to use the handpoketools are in my storyhighlights on instagram.

The ink holds in the tip of the handpoketool trough cappilary action and flows down to the tip of your needle while tattooing.


The handpoketools need to be sterilized between each client! So make sure you have access to sterilisation.

Make sure to properly clean with brushes, especially on the inside and in the tip. Desinfect with a disinfectant active against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, viruses (HBV / HIV / HCV), Adeno-, Polyoma and Vaccinia virus and then sterilize in an autoclave or dry heat sterilizer (which is a far cheaper solution than autoclave)

(You will find a detailed instruction on sterilization in the “Hygene Standarts for Tattooists” Handbook by UETA eV  (Also I have detailled cleaning instructions in my “handpoketools” storyhighlight)

The handpoketools are heat resintant until 260 degrees Celsius.

Each order of handpoketools comes with a small wrench to lock the screw and my homemade 100% natural and vegan metal polish. If the brass discolors over time you can easily make it shine again without the use of any chemicals.

The sizes of the handpoketools are a little flexable. Although a 9-Roundliner handpoketool will work best with a 9RL needle. You could still use 7RL and 11RL needles with nearly the same effect.

Sizes available are:



1RL   3RL  5RL  7RL  9RL  11RL  13RL 15RL 18RL