Handpoke Online Course

Handpoke Online Course


A complete course on how I approach handpoke tattoos.

To best show you how to handpoke I integrated a lot of animations, photos, close-ups and some additional materials that you can download.

I really packeed a lot of information in this course, so you can rewatch the course as many times as you want until you feel you don’t need them anymore <3

You can download your password to the course from the order confirmation that you will recieve via email after you have completed your order.

If you use the paypal express checkout button your adress needs to be deposited in your paypal account for the billing adress. If this is not the case just use the normal chackout and everything will work fine <3


0. Introduction
1. The Skin

2. Equipment

2.1 Tattoo Needles

2.2 Tattoo Ink

2.3 Handles + Tools

2.4 Furniture

2.5 Stencils

2.6 Other Materials + Hygiene

2.7 Artificial Skin

3. Techniques

3.1 Stretsching + Depth

3.2 Lining

3.3 Packing

3.4 Dotwork

3.5 color Fading

3.6 Example Tattoo

4. The Differnt Body Parts

5. Aftercare

6. Thank You <3